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Is the deformation of sex dolls after long use is a problem? For many people it is not a problem and that is because people have not seen sex dolls that do not deform after long use. While most people find the warped material tolerable, if you are planning to buy a affordable realistic TPE sex doll online, I hope you will read this article carefully:

At the moment, it seems that many people are used to the problem of deformation in sex dolls and do not see it as an area that needs to be improved with effort. But of course, the ass flattened a little can still be used well, does not affect the main function, but also just can be used, that is.

Some sex doll manufacturers try to solve this pain point, so that the public can buy a high quality non-deformed sex doll product.

Now casually search on the Internet, you can search for news about sex doll deformation cases and netizens’ trolling reports. This will help you recognize all aspects of the sex doll, its flaws, its strengths, etc.

Of course there are sex doll manufacturers who dare to say no to the problem of sex doll deformation! For example, uxdoll sex dolls’ toughness test results show that the quality of their products is very reliable, so uxdoll sex dolls are expensive? The truth is, it is not expensive at all, such excellent quality, with the very affordable price, the perfect buyer guarantee makes it the best in the doll industry.

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