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Amazon has daily giveaways where you click on a bouncing box and hope that your click wins. Every now and then they send out an email that reminds me of this so I go over and spend a couple of minutes losing. My luck is terrible. Anyway, yesterday, they had a giveaway for a hidden camera detector. After I lost, I almost bought the product anyway. I only stopped because there weren’t any reviews yet.

I am curious what I’d discover with one of those detectors though. I am a voyeur and I like voyeur porn. I know that even when a site looks super authentic and the intro swears they are pervy site owners hiding cameras in public bathrooms, it’s all a setup and totally legal. But I also know that there are real-life pervs that will cross those lines if given the opportunity. I am seeing more and more news stories about cameras being discovered. It’s pretty concerning to be honest.

Here is a 73% off discount for ShowerSpyCameras.com so that you can watch naked women without breaking any laws.

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